Information Security guest posts

Information Security guest posts

As I don’t have very much time at hand to write, I decided to promote other authors’ work, so I will accept guest posts. To make things easier for you (and me), I will highlight below the guidelines for submitting guest posts on this site:

  • the article has to be original and of  good quality (please have a look at the previous published articles)
  • the post should have at least 300 words and you must not publish it again
  • it must be focused on information security topics
  • the links (in the author bio area) should not point to spammy or low quality websites (I will review each one of them)

If your article is only about promoting your services or products, DO NOT waste your time trying to get a guest post here, as it will not be published.

Please also send me a couple of links with any previous published work if you have. It will help me to better understand the quality of your writing.

If you have all or most of things needed, please use the contact page to get in touch and send me your post idea. I won’t probably  get in touch right away, but will let you know whether it is a yes or a no in a couple of days.

Many thanks and stay safe!

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